Corporate Social Responsibility

Our tomorrow depends on what we do today. At Sunalco, we firmly believe in being the epicentre of this transformation. As a successful enterprise we have a commitment towards the planet besides our employees and the communities we are connected to directly and indirectly.

Larger public interests like sustainability are an integral part of everything that we do and we strive incessantly towards achieving all of these aforementioned objectives. The more visible aspect of our corporate social responsibility is the fact that we dedicate a certain amount of our business profits to support various NGOs of repute working for social relief of the society.

We donate a certain sum of money by sponsoring various events involving Health & Education for children. We also distribute school books and bags to children living in the nearby towns of our manufacturing plant. As a company we continually strive to be the best corporate citizens that we can be and give our due to the society.



Metal recycling is an important way of reducing the environmental impact of metal extraction, and is a necessary part of an economy. Metals are an integral part of modern society, but their extraction is often environmentally destructive and entails many hidden costs.  As long as demand for metals remains high, there will always be new mining operations.  Reducing demand through recycling is one way that everyone can impact this process. 

Aluminium is probably the most well-known and easiest metal to recycle. Yet more aluminium is wasted every year through carelessly discarded cans than is used to produce new trucks, buses, bridges, and roads combined.  Fixing this problem will require a change in the values of consumers and the will of society to make recycling a simple and expected part of daily life.

We at Sunalco are trying to do our bit to provide a sustainable environment for our future generations through the process of Recycling.


Our business operations are such that we selflessly give back to mother Earth what we take from it. We make geographies free of non-ferrous scrap therefore helping them restore their ecological balance. We take pride in and feel delighted to be a part of this sustainable development occurring across the world. 

We have a rain water harvesting system installed in our manufacturing unit to minimize the wastage of water. We take extreme precaution about the gases emitted from our factory, making sure that none of the harmful gases are polluted into the atmosphere and ensuring that an efficient pollution system is maintained.

We at Sunalco, believe that companies must be part of the solution to environmental challenges, not only by what they make, but how they make it.

Health & Safety

We have implemented and follow religiously every international occupational health and safety standard to ensure zero accidents and injuries. A no-compromise policy is adhered to when it comes to our workforce as they are and shall always be a priority for us.

At our production facility we have ensured that every labourer uses safety equipment to handle the materials, which includes helmets and safety shoes. We have provided a consolidated health insurance to all our labourers and employees. We also have tie ups with doctors for any accidental emergencies.

Corporate governance, accountability, transparency and quality reporting leading to business ethics are an absolute must for us. We interact with each of our stakeholders - suppliers, internal teams, channel partners and customers with complete openness. Not to forget our use of latest technology, putting it to optimal use, accruing the benefits and leveraging it communicate effectively across supply chain, enterprise resources and the customer relation universe.

Quality Control

“We at Sunalco Alloys Pvt. Ltd. shall implement and improve the Quality Management System in order to win over customer confidence. We wish to delight them by consistently ensuring timely delivery and service. We shall remain competitive by upgrading our Technology from time to time. Training of all our team members shall always be our priority. We shall have due respect for Environment & the Society we live in.

-Mr. Hitesh Kachhara

(Managing Director)

Quality control is a critical concept in every industry and profession. We believe that our products or services should meet a high standard in many areas, such as form, features, fit, finish, reliability, and usability. We have a dedicated quality control team, who work hard in order to ensure that our products are of the finest quality.

We use the best quality raw materials from around the globe, sourcing non-ferrous metals from over 30 different countries. We ensure that the finest possible materials are melted for our alloy production. The ingots are made from the material complying with the appropriate ingot specification and the applicable chemical composition and mechanical properties. Various sampling techniques are undertaken in order to ensure that the ingots are free from any defects and are of the finest quality.

Mechanical tests are undertaken to ensure that the ingots have the right tensile strength with the appropriate hardness. There are tests carried out to test for the pressure tightness as well. If a test piece fails to meet the requirements of the mechanical tests, more test pieces which represent the same cast may be selected for retesting. We have the precise machinery and instruments required for such tests.

Thus we make sure that a thorough quality check is in place to guarantee our clients with the highest quality products.